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Friday, June 17, 2011

A reminder

Things are a bit busy round here so I just wanted to remind you that the raffle is still going on for another day and the afternoon tea is on Sunday.

It's only $5 a ticket and your chances of winning are pretty good and the prizes are really, really awesome!

Thanks to those wonderful people that have made a donation, the tally is up to $200...yippee.

Looking forward to seeing some of you on Sunday, don't forget to come with empty stomachs and some extra change for some wonderful raffle prizes on the day ♥

p.s sorry if my email replies have been a little scarce, normality will hopefully resume sometime soon ♥
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TK said...

Dearest Cathie, I have logged on and made a donation and just hoping I have done it all right.....as regards Raffle Items, not sure which but I think my pick would be 'Lil Mim'....hope it all goes REALLY REALLY well for you, I will be there in spirit, sending hugs, TK xx (hope this is the right spot for me letting you know re raffle items????? as I couldn't work out how else to do it, having another blonde moment!!!)

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

Oh Cathie - did you get my other email? anyhoo, I really want to come! will you still have me? Is it still at Nicole's studio? It looks as though she's moved, so just checking. I'm hoping I can bring some goodies to add to the raffle prizes on the day! I am sorry I didn't send them earlier. hoping your well and see you Sunday! yay!

Amanda said...

That cupcake looks so yummy..Good luck with it all :)

Erica said...

Very enticing post!

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Little Pinwheel said...

you take care of you, and know that this weekend I will be having a tea with you here in sydney. xx

Sandrine said...

Hello Cathie, You must be very busy right now! I wish you a wonderful day tomorrow.I have also made a little donation and not sure about prizes but if anything I like fabric :)
Will be thinking of you all, looking forward to see some pics and read your success! :)
Sandrine xo

quilary said...

Thinking of you now. I'm having my own cuppa and biscuit right now and wishing you all the best with your fundraising efforts.

Belinda said...

Thanks for a great day Cathie :o)
Everything was amazing and perfect for such a worthy cause - you are an incredible cook / baker.
Thanks again

posiepatchwork said...

Looks wonderful, wishing you a wonderful event, love Posie

Tanya said...

HI Miss Cathie, thought of you today, hope all went well xx

Catherine said...

thank you Cathie - I had a really lovely time (and thanks to Amelie for pulling out my ticket too!).
I hope you get the chance for some rest and relaxation after all your amazing work xo