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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just no colour

I guessed August wouldn't be a great month, I knew the reason but it didn't make it any easier
it has been a bad weekend, it will be a bad day tomorrow

you know when your body just gets so tired and even the littlest of colds hangs around for a third week 

you know when you have so much to do but mentally it's one of those mountains that you just can't climb...not now...maybe next week...or the week after

you know when little things upset you or make you break down in tears
you know when things aren't fun, there's no colour, no photos, no cakes, no smile, just being, just doing, just...

this week I am just breathing, there's no colour, just routine,
I am just here....
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Friday, August 26, 2011


It's daffodil day today,  it means so much to so many.

It means so much to me so please buy a daffodil and support daffodil day.

Many hugs to you ♥

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's happening

loving the new fun skill of needle felting thanks to Mel

this little cutie was actually made by Mel last night for Amelie, the one I made must have seriously been eaten by one of the kids (we were joking they would do that)
they were playing with it in the morning and next thing you know...gone!!

stamping recipe cards to send to a lovely lady

embroidering the wonderful letters my little boy can now write....ahhhh

what have you been creating?

Hugs and happy creating ♥

p.s just wanted to thank you for leaving comments, I have been a little behind on the visits lately.  August is a bad time for us emotionally so please stick around, your sweet words mean so much.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : impatience

making gifs
Making gifs

more wordless fun over at the lovely Sarah's

this one's for you Vic!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kids, cakes, tea parties & photos

grateful that the Melbourne weather behaved today
grateful that my kids behaved today

grateful that we got to play tea parties today
grateful that someone else got to take pics of my little people today
grateful that that someone was so wonderful too

extremely grateful that you are visiting me today

what's happening with you today, much gratefulness around?
hugs ♥

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Party snippets

birthday cake decorated with a few fun things that Aidan likes

party favour cookies

marble cake pops

chocolate cake with blueberry swiss meringue butter cream

lolly free party bags*

 gingerbread cake toppers covered in fondant

Thank you all for your sweet, sweet birthday wishes for the little guy, sorry I haven't replied back to you personally, he and I send you big squishy hugs and a big piece of cake...mwaaaaaaah, you girls are awesome ♥

What are your Sunday snippets? 
Why don't you pop round to Tinniegirl's and share them

*edited to add suggestions for lolly free bags, normally I add things like textas, if you have a label maker make a name label for each child and stick it on a grey led pencil, stickers, exercise book, little baked gingerbread freckle cookies in a bag, cookie on a stick, magnets, little pegs, in summer normally juice in a box (that's a treat for my kids) anything really apart from lollies. 
I prefer a creative bag with baked cookies as opposed to a sugar high bag that will drive the parents nuts.

p.s for those who have let me know about the commenting issues, thank you! 
I have changed to commenting box so could you please try again and let me know....♥
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Thursday, August 4, 2011


I love it when you sneak into my bed for a cuggle at night
I love that you kiss my hand when we are walking along
I love that you help me unpack the cutlery from the dishwasher
I love that you say "bardon mummy" when you want me to repeat something

I love it when you spontaneously tell me that you love me
I love that you pick flowers for me on our walks
I love that you learnt to write your name weeks ago 
I love that you always want to help me do things


I love that you can jump as high as the sky on the trampoline
I love that you always draw pictures of mummy smiling
I love when you walk past the rosemary bush and touch it and then want me to smell your hands
I love that you love to bake with me

I love that daddy made you pizza for your special birthday dinner 
I love that you are now "vour!"
I love that you kiss Amelie goodbye on the hand when we drop her off at school

I love that you sit in the classroom and draw and colour in when mummy helps at Amelie's school
I love that even though daddy got you a toolbox, gardening gloves and a hammer for your birthday you wanted to take Hansel with you when we went out

I love your squishy, squishy cuddles
I love it when "it's cuddle time"
I love your sloppy kisses
I love that you are still my baby
and I especially love the way you make me feel

Happy birthday baby boy, I love you.........♥

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tips on taking better photos of your products

I have been feeling a bit lost, a bit detached from this little old blog recently.
There have been a few meltdowns, yes there have. I don't know what to blame it on, maybe alot has been going on but I'll get to that in another post.

Today I wanted to share with you some product photography tips.  
I was asked to teach a workshop the other day at the Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House about blogging and product photography, if you are interested let me know and I will post the blogging tips as well.

Use natural light, an overcast day is perfect
Shoot in the morning or late afternoon, you want soft diffuse light, not direct sun which causes shadows and bright spots
If working inside, shoot near a window, you may need a tripod or use a light box
Make sure your product is in focus and avoid any motion blur
A tripod is a must in low light situations

Think about the composition of your product in the camera
Move around and try to see your product in different angles
Make sure your camera is at the right distance from your product to avoid odd perspective and distortion
Show your style by using props and different backgrounds
Don’t overdo it though as the product is the focus and you don’t want to distract the viewer by using out of place props or bright patterned backgrounds

Natural Environment
Show how the product is used, people want to see how a bag looks on someone’s shoulder or how earrings look on someone’s ears

Product Details
Show your products fine details by taking some close ups
Make sure you also have photos of the whole product for your viewer 

Don’t be afraid to change things around when photographing, change backgrounds and props regularly
Vertical & Horizontal
Take both vertical and horizontal photos of your products as you may later need to use your images for labels, business cards etc
Camera Settings
Make sure you get your camera settings correct so your photos aren’t overexposed or underexposed
Turn off your flash and set your white balance, i.e. low light, shade, cloud setting
Set your ISO* as low as possible and use your tripod
A lower ISO equals sharper photos 
Use the self timer to prevent any camera shake from pressing the shutter
Check your camera’s LCD screen after each photo and adjust things as they are needed

*ISO (equivalent) speed on a digital camera gives an indication of the sensitivity of the image sensor
Post Editing
Always edit your photos even if it’s just to adjust your levels
Use editing software or free online editing sites such as picnik.com
  • Crop
  • Adjust levels
  • Adjust saturation
  • Colour correction
  • Sharpening
  • Remove any dust or marks
  • Any other post editing

Styling Your Photos
  • Get inspiration from magazines, websites, blogs but do not copy other peoples images
  • Put your unique style into the shoot by thinking about your product
  • What is it? It’s qualities, its use, the process in which it was made, inspiration behind making it
  • Your product needs to be enhanced not lost in a mismatch of backgrounds and props
  • Try to tell the viewer a story of your product within the photograph

I really hope you found this useful, I'd love for you to let me know.

Happy sunshiney day friends ♥
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