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Thursday, September 15, 2011

R U OK today?

It may seem obvious, but have you asked someone around you today if they are OK
Have you actually listened to their response?

We are surrounded by so many social networks now days that sometimes we forget to reach out to our workmates, friends, school parents or even our families and make sure that they are OK and let them know that we are there if they need to talk.

As someone who goes through periods of sad, I know how it feels to be down and the only thing that can get you out is a good old cry and maybe even a smile from a friend to let me know they care.

For others it's more than that.

So please, ask someone around you to go for a coffee and a chat, it may make the world of difference to them and maybe even to you.

So are you OK?, I am, hope you can join me for a cuppa

don't you just LOVE Hugh Jackman!
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Made with love

It was the big boys birthday the other day and the kids drew him this picture of our family which I embroidered and appliqu├ęd

I asked them to draw onto the fabric panel with a quilting air dry marker and embroidered their drawing and message, as is, capturing their unedited creativity

It makes me smile when I look at it, you know how much I love kids drawings

I think the birthday boy loved it, how can you not when it was made with so much love!


p e r f e c t !

what are you up to today?  hope it's filled with love and creativity
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some flowers for you

You know every so often it gets a bit messy round here.
I always try to keep it pretty for you, i don't want you to come over and feel down.

I want you to enjoy your visit and leave smiling, leave hungry, or even leave inspired.

I want you to have that virtual cup of tea with me and we'll pretend that we are sitting around sipping tea and giggling over something or talking about our kids, our men, our veggie gardens, our pets, how to crochet, whether I bake every day or if I have baking disasters

But recently I felt like it wasn't a fun place to visit round here, there wasn't any cake to offer you and that the tea was probably getting a little cold

and you know what, you didn't care, you still came round and you still made me smile and you let me cry and you listened, you just listened 

and you know that the sadness does come and go and will most likely be around again soon

I love that you did that and I love that you know how to relate to my pain, my grief, my sad patches

you are pretty awesome and that is why non bloggers do not get it, they do not get what we get

I don't need to tell you, you just know

So from my heart to yours...thank you, I really do thank you.  
I so wish I could bake you some cookies...

BIG hugs ♥ 

thank you Lou for the wonderful, wonderful flowers
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