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Friday, August 31, 2012


It's been three years, 
it still hurts and not a day goes by that I don't think about you
we miss you, 
I hate that you are missing out on so much of our lives, 
I hate that we can never hear your voice again, see you smile 
I finally realised that the grief was making me sick,
I worried about getting sick or even worse seeing someone else I love get sick
I'm not doing that anymore, 
I know you wouldn't want me to
I am living and loving every minute now, 
the good bits and the bad bits
all because I have my favourite people in the world around me
all of them except one

I miss you dad

I needed to write this

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Robots, games and cake

Thank you all for the extra sweet birthday wishes for the little guy.
I wanted to share a few pics (ok...maybe more than a few) of his day which was spent at Bundoora Park with his lovely friends and cousins.

If you are in Melbourne, Cooper's Settlement* is perfect for little people parties.
Robot cake designed by Aidan and painted on by me
Rainbow cake painted on by the birthday boy

lovely robot bunting from here

 robot stencilled bags filled with caramel popcorn

  chocolate covered bread sticks

 build a marshmallow robot activity

 craft table activities, colouring in and

  build a robot

robot tin bowling

home made robot pinata

robot photo prop

 fresh coffee and tea for the big kids

 pic by Miss Holly
take home bags

a few of the goodies in the take home bags
stickers, nuts & bolts mix, fabric brooch, magnets & hair ties

 personalised robot gingerbread for each little guest

 gorgeous ric rac disco bot for the birthday boy made by the ever so sweet Mistea

 robot drawing by Aidan embroidered by me

So this is what has been on my mind for the last month or so, creating a special creative and fun filled day for a little boy who is just growing up way too fast for my liking.

What about you, do you have a five year old going to school in the new school year?

How are you coping emotionally? Are you feeling a little lost?

Or is it just me?

*Emma has pics of another party at Cooper's Settlement

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Monday, August 6, 2012


I love when you give me sloppy kisses
I love your sweet innocence
I love your inquisitive mind
I love that you ask me if I am feeling ok
I love how you get so excited re telling a story
I love the handsome big boy you have become
I love that you ask if I need any help
I love that you still sneak into my bed at night just because 
I love that we hang out
I love when you get deep in thought at times
I love that for you a cardboard box can be anything from a rocket ship to a radio
I love that to you try to make your bed sometimes and excitedly show your daddy
I love that you are just like a mini daddy at times
I love that you are sweet 
I love that you sleep with monkey at night
I love it when I kiss you goodnight as you are sleeping 
I love that you run up to me every morning and give me the biggest hug and say "goot morning mummy"
I love those words that you mispronounce, they make me smile
I love that you get so proud when you say a few words in greek {kalinikta (good night), meelo (apple), se agapo (I love you), efcharisto (thank you)}
I love your excitement to go to school next year with Amie
I love those big squishy hugs you give
I love your style
I love your sensitivity
I love that you are just the coolest little boy
I love your energy
I love your beautiful spirit
I love your thoughtfulness
I love that you are the sweetest boy I know

I just love YOU

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