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About me

Why did I start blogging?

After having my children a lot of things about me had changed, I was no longer just me but someone’s mum, someone’s whole world so to speak.  I loved this new me but the old me was still in there and longing to express herself.
Wanting to do what I love, I started blogging two years ago as a visual diary, I am more about visual expression over written, and I always have been.
It began with a love of baking and a desire to share my baking adventures.  It made me take photos and I really wanted to be able to share them with others even if I had no idea whether anyone would want to keep reading.
I can tell you that it has been one of the best experiences in the last two years and I haven't had any negative experience from it so far.

What makes me keep blogging?

It keeps me motivated; it makes me look at the world differently.
Since studying visual arts and photography I have been able to look at the world as a series of images and now with blogging it’s all about images and memories I can create.
It is my happy, pretty place which I want people to feel like they have popped by and enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake…or two.  Sure there are serious discussions all around us but I want people to forget that for a moment and smile when they are visiting my blog and be inspired to bake something no matter what their baking skills are like.

Inspiration to blog

I find it in the simple things around me, my family, my cups of tea, my op shop adventures, our chickens, my children’s drawings, in other bloggers who inspire me to create in different ways than I am used to and it’s therefore become a great part of who I am at the moment.
Getting to know people through their blogs inspires me to keep on going and sharing a little bit more about me as I go on.  I am not afraid to share the grief I have gone through or the periods of sadness which surround me at various times.  The blog community is very accepting and encouraging and it inspires me to keep going

How do I overcome blogger's block?

For me it’s a little different because writer’s block is overcome by going out and taking some pics.  The words always follow the images.  I always form a blog post with images so when I am stuck on images then I just take a bit of a break and come back refreshed.
Breaks don’t last too long though as I am always surrounded by things that I love to photograph or recipes that I want to try.  Creating something always inspires a blog post whether it's a cake, a cupcake or some embroidery of my children's drawings. 
Looking around and creating do wonders and keep the inspiration flowing.

My best blogging experience to date?

I can’t really give just one best blogging experience. I love blogging because of all the little bits that it involves, the community, the great friends made along the way, the generosity of others when needed in times of crisis such as the floods around the globe, the emails from people telling me they have enjoyed a particular recipe, they need some baking advice or photo tips or just love visiting to see my pictures and the stars falling from their cursor on my page.
All of these little things make it the best blogging experience every day, all the time.

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